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Security and Privacy Policy


We're committed to protecting the privacy of your IQ results. We will never sell, misuse or exploit any information provided to us. We collect information for the sole purpose of improving the IQ test and we may provide anonymous IQ data to universities conducting not-for-profit research. Our privacy policy explains how we collect and treat this information. By using our services you acknowledge that you have reviewed and accepted the terms of our privacy policy.

This privacy policy does not apply to separate entities which may utilize our IQ test as part of there services.

Information Collection

The following describes the types of information collect during various interactions with our services.

Account Information

During either Facebook or form account registration with My IQ Tested we may collect personally identifying information such as IP address, First, Last name and more.


Sometimes our tests contain ads served via various ad networks which may collect anonymous user information.


Information Storage

We store collected information in a secure SQL database and make every effort to ensure security against vulnerabilities. As with any web based platforms there are risks involved in transmitting information and while we undertake considerable effort to ensure security we cannot provide absolute assurance and so we encourage all users to exercise discretion when providing personal information.

Further Information

Should you require further clarification or have a suggestion in regards to our privacy policy please do not hesitate to get in contact with us